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The 1190 offers a refined look and rugged build quality not typically found on entry-level treadmills. The 165 lb welded steel frame provides the smoothness and stability of higher priced units. Overall, the 1190 presents an inviting introduction to the world of premium treadmills.  $000.00

A rugged workhorse in the SportsArt line, the 1200 has for years proven to be a dependable workout companion. With a 210 lb welded steel frame and 2.5" diameter sealed bearing rollers, the 1200 has the look and feel of a heavy-duty unit.  $000.00

The introductory unit of SportsArt's breakthrough new lineup of Cardio ControlTM treadmills. With aesthetics, features, and refinement beyond compare, the 1210 has effectively raised the bar for quality and value in mid priced treadmills.  $000.00

The 3100 series represents the gold standard in high performance treadmills. A quick review of the Cardio ControlTM Display indicates that human factors were closely studied. An analysis of features along with your first test session will convince you that these units are a breakthrough in treadmill design. $000.00

Featuring the same great platform, motor, motor management system and mechanicals as other 3100 series models, the 3108 adds 11 mph top speed, making it the choice for serious runners.  $000.00

The flagship model of SportsArt's home treadmill line and certainly one of the premier units available on the market today. The 3110 adds full handrails and an Interval Heart Rate Training feature. This feature is a must for serious athletes looking to improve CV conditioning and athletic performance.  $000.00

The all new C51 series cycles from SportsArt feature breakthrough design and engineering. The result is premium performance at an affordable price.   $000.00

The same great feel and performance of the C51r in the upright version.  $000.00

Precision engineering, all-new design, and key innovations, including e-fit technology, set a new standard in recumbent cycles. $000.00

 The same outstanding engineering and performance found in the recumbent version. $000.00