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Don't be fooled by health and fitness clubs, they specialize in socializing, not exercising!  We at ASPEN Personal Fitness Consultants are serious about getting you in shape.  Our program gets results because our techniques are scientifically proven to provide the safest, most effective exercise, nutrition, and weight management programs available.  Unlike most personal trainers today, we at ASPEN represent the elite in the exercise science field.  We have over six years of intensive schooling, both in the classroom and in the field, as well as over eight years of personal training experience.  We posess some of the most highly coveted certifications in the industry today.:

At ASPEN, we follow the MED-3 step philosophy:                

Motivation - We provide the support you need to keep you exercising for a healthy lifestyle.

Education - We educate you on every facet of exercise, nutrition, and general health

Dedication - We won't give up on you.  Our goal is to get you fit and keep you fit.

  • For healthy individuals
  • For amateur and professional athletes
  • For bodybuilders and power lifters
  • For overweight and obese individuals
  • For pregnant women
  • For post-physical therapy (orthopedic injury) patients
  • For clinically diagnosed individuals 
  • asthma, diabetes, EIA, fibromyalgia, heart disease, hypertension, osteoarthritis  

  • Expert certified professional trainers at an affordable price
  • Personal training performed in your home, office, or fitness facility
  • Top of the line computerized nutrition and diet analysis
  • Cutting edge computer exercise programming
  • Fitness evaluations and assessments performed at least twice annually
  • Training, guidance and motivation offered in various recreational activites

Adam Freedman - Owner / Personal Trainer / Fitness and Nutrition Consultant

1904 Harvard Drive
North Wales, PA 19454
215-361-2325 (w)
215-361-2326 (fax)
267-250-7954 (cell)

E-Mail:  aspenpfc@aol.com.